Feng Shui Your Day

Feng Shui Your Day helps people look at their lives with a fresh perspective.
Kathryn Wilking is an Author, Feng Shui Expert and Podcast Host. She's been an amazing problem-solver for decades, helping people ‘make sense of their space’!
Each episode offers a segue into different areas of life, featuring easy and practical tips to create a Life You Love.
Creating healthy habits for life’s issues can reduce stress, leading to better relationships and a healthy work-life balance. Join us for a lively discussion each week!
Ever thought of taking charge and cultivate things to work in your favor?
Listen in with her guests each week.
Life can be better.
Feng Shui Your Day offers practical solutions for life’s issues, in today’s crazy world.
‘Get Your Space Working for YOU’!
Website: https://www.kathrynwilking.com